Puget Sound Recovery Program

PureBlue is helping businesses reduce pollution that impacts our iconic waterways

PureBlue is a Seattle based non-profit helping innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs bring their water technologies and best practices to utilities and industry. Through the Puget Sound Recovery Program, we are currently piloting new ways to support industrial permittees and municipalities in this region that can then be applied elsewhere.

We focus on solutions that can be implemented in both an economically and environmentally sustainable way. We do this by working with local industries and municipalities to identify shared needs and emerging challenges, and then help industries maintain compliance with stormwater permits and guidelines through adopting appropriate technologies and management approaches.

PureBlue’s focus on water technologies means that we are constantly conducting research across the globe to find cutting-edge, science-based technologies and management approaches, further .supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs with the most promising water solutions.

This Puget Sound Recovery Program is supported by The Russell Family Foundation.

We will follow up with help in areas needed on stormwater compliance, and connect you with resources, including eligible grants!

Take The Stormwater Assessment

Industrial Stormwater Business Assessment

PureBlue, in collaboration with ECOSS and the Manufacturing Industrial Council, is inviting businesses to participate in our Industrial Stormwater Business Assessment to help us identify the shared needs and challenges that businesses are experiencing as they work to meet their stormwater permit requirements.

With support from The Russell Family Foundation, we are able to provide further support, following up with participants to connect them with:

  • Ideas, Practices and Technologies: Find out what other businesses facing stormwater permit compliance problems are doing, in both general terms and specific practices and technologies, to solve their stormwater permit compliance problems
  • Training and Operational Assistance: Find information and training opportunities, and assistance with navigating the permit process, reporting, and other stormwater management activities and requirements
  • Grant Funding: Find grants and financing that is available to small business and stormwater consultants to assist in the design and installation of stormwater runoff solutions related to permit compliance

An online “guide to guides” has been developed of the best resources available to help you meet your permit compliance!

Best Management Practices

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