Ending Water Pollution Together

For Earth For Our Communities For Life

PureBlue is a community of water protectors committed to ending water pollution together, for earth, for our communities, for life. Uniting people, wise water practices, and innovation to protect earth’s watersheds and vital ecosystems.

Our Approach

PureBlue identifies priority pollution hotspots and organizations committed to reduce pollution runoff or increase water reuse. With our partners, we then find, evaluate, and introduce natural and technology solutions that resolve site-specific issues and goals.

Join us to support Vital Ecosystems Water Reuse Water Conservation Wise Water Practices Vibrant Communities For a Sustainable World

The New World of Water

The Water Pollution Problem

Together we change the water pollution footprint!

Our vehicles, homes, farms, businesses, and industries generate runoff and effluent containing toxic heavy metals, oils, sewage, nutrients, and chemicals. This is a threat to fish, wildlife, ecosystems, and people. These pollutants seep into precious water sources, soils that grow our food, and habitats that nourish animals.

Pollution Solutions

Water Sustainability is on the Rise

It’s an exciting time for innovation throughout the water space in technologies, in market approaches, in human attitudes and policy. We invite you to explore PureBlue’s Solutions!

Get Involved for Water Vitality!

Discover PureBlue’s Volunteer Programs

Our team is reimagining volunteering to make it an even more personally rewarding experience. We defined 6 high-impact roles to support vital water ecosystems. Learn more about how you can get involved!

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Whether giving a one-time donation or becoming a Devoted Water Steward, you are helping bring solutions to polluted ecosystems and communities that need them.